Our Privacy Policy.


Eadpine Motors is a privately owned used car dealership in Nairobi, Kenya. From our first day of trading we have always taken the privacy and security of private individuals information very seriously and worked to keep it secure at all times in whatever form.

This statement describes the type of information:-

1. We collect,
2. The way we collect it,
3. The way we use it,
4. How we keep it secure,
5. Some of the decisions we make on the use and retention of it,
6. How you can contact us.

The personal information we hold is yours. We will always control and manage that information in the way you wish and we will always give you an option not to receive marketing communication from us. We will never send unsolicited ‘junk’ email or communications or share your information with anyone else who might. We will not sell your information to third parties. This statement will develop over time as the regulatory framework and best practice becomes available, for these reasons it may change from time to time so you may wish to check it occasionally to ensure you are happy with the way we use your information.

1. We collect.
What Personal Information do we collect?
In a business model as complex as ours we collect a lot of personal information, we work hard to get accurate personal data, keep it as up to date and accurate as possible. There are numerous reasons we have to do this from legislative requirements, selling, marketing, safety, complaint, financing, servicing, warranty, safety, financial conduct authority compliance.A myriad of reasons. All of which are valid and necessary to conduct our business in a professional and well mangled way.

2. The Way We Collect It.
We collect this information from the following principal channels:-
Website enquiries – This will be from our own website or enquiries passed on to us by our franchise partners
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. – We have a social presence and private data will be available
Showroom Systems – This will occur when you enquire about a vehicle either via the web, email, live
Chat, telephone or visit one of our physical locations
Vehicle sales– This will occur at the point of invoice as a customer, sale agreement processing etc
Call Centre – When a customer contacts us via the web, email or telephone to book in for a service
External Events – when we stage external sales events in public areas displaying vehicles:
The information we collect through these channels include some or all of the following:
• Name
• Address
• Phone number
• Date of Birth
• Email address
• Vehicle information (including registration, VIN, service reminders, mileage and warranty repair information
• Pin certificate
• National ID card or passport
• The date and time you used our services
• The pages you visited on our website and how long you visited us for
• Your IP address
• The internet browser and devices you are using
• Cookies and any other data cookies may track
• The website address from which you accessed our website
• Details of any transactions between you and us
• Where you engage with us in a business context, we may collect your job title, company contact details (including email address), and company details.
• Voice recordings of calls you make to us at all our businesses addresses
• Live chat records and
• Any information within correspondence you send us.


3. The Way We Use It.
The way we use this information
Eadpine Motors will only process the information that is necessary for the purpose for which it has been collected. You will always have the option not to receive marketing communications from us and you can withdraw your consent or object at any timeThere are various ways in which we may use or process your personal information as either a data controller or processor. We list these below.
Where you have provided consent, we may use and process your information to:
• Contact you from time to time about, promotions, events, products, services or information which we think may be of interest to you. We will never use this to bombard you with material, but will always consider relevancy and are you of the right profile to find this of use or interest.
• To share your personal information with a very limited number of recommended third party partners, so that they can contact you with marketing information about products and services (we will, of course give you details about these third parties before you give your permission for us to send information to them)
Contractual performance
We may use and process your personal information where this is necessary to perform a contract with you and to fulfil and complete your orders, purchases and other transactions entered in to with us or our selected partners
Legitimate Interest
We may use and process your personal information where it is necessary for us to carry out activities for which it is in our legitimate interest as a business to do so.
Legal Obligation
As a business we have to comply with a number of statutes and Laws and in order to do this we will on occasion need to provide your personal information to certain bodies to meet this legal obligation.
Vital Interest
This is where it is in every ones interest to communicate and or share share personal information.
The Kenya Data Protection Act, 2019 concentrates on the Personal information held on private individuals. As a Company/Business is not a person, it is not regulated in the same way.
We see little difference between the private information held on a person or a Company/Business. For this reason we will treat Business information in the same way as a private person as we realize that when we trade with companies it is made up of people who have personal information.

4. How We Keep It Secure.
The security of your information goes hand in hand with the security of our business information
We do not allow personal data to be left unattended in customer accessible areas or left visible on computer screens. In areas where customers are not expected to be present we have a tidy desk policy.
Our database function and businesses shred personal information and related documents when no longer needed or required.
5. Some of the decisions we make on the use and retention of it,

5. How Long Do We Keep Your Information For?
We will not hold your personnel information for longer than is necessary. As a business routine, we are always “cleansing” the information, keeping it as accurate as possible, reducing errors and only communicating with customers who wanted to be communicated to.
In the how we collect your information above, we have principle channels and our retention periods are as follows:
Website enquiries – 24 months
Website portal providers – 24 months
Facebook and Twitter – 24 months
External events – 12 months
Invoicing systems – 6 years
Finance Applications – 6 years
Call Centre Contacts – 6 years
If we have a relationship with you we have to keep records for a minimum of 6 years.
Where we have prospective relationships we will keep the personal information for 24 months. This allows for the possibility of us to form a relationship with you as a customer.
The only exceptions to the periods mentioned are where:
• You ask us to keep you informed of any offers and products
• The law requires us to hold your personal information for a longer period or delete it sooner
• Where you have raised a complaint or concern regarding a product or service offered and sold by us.
• You exercise your right to have the information erased (where it applies) and we do not need to hold it in connection with any of the reasons permitted or required under the law.

6. How You Can Contact Us.

You can contact us via the following methods:-
1. Whatsapp +254715339222
2. Telephone +254715339222
3. Instagram; eadpinemotors
4. Facebook; eadpinemotors
5. Twitter; eadpinemotors
6. E-mail; info@eadpine.com

Eadpine Limited is the most trusted used car dealership in Nairobi, Kenya. Having been in the industry for over 5 years, we’ve built our reputation on selling clean cars at great prices.
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